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Healthy Joints

No matter what your age, there are measures we can take to ensure that our joints are running to max potential for as long as possible. Joint aches and stiffness are common, but avoidable to a certain extent by making adjustments and being conscious of what our body tries to tell us. Weight bearing joints (our knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists) are the at risk areas for troublesome conditions like strains and arthritis.

Low impact exercises like swimming, bike machines or treadmill walking can be a great way to give some relief to at risk areas while still building muscle. These can be mixed in with running to shake up your routine and spread over stresses to the joints. Yoga as well can double not only as low impact physical activity, but act as a stress reducer which can promote healthy joints.

Just like it is common to let a car warm up in colder temperatures before pushing it to its performance threshold, taking the time to stretch and warm up your body before activities can go a long way to getting the most out your joints. A daily stretching routine before you begin your day also increase blood flow, help with posture and give you a boost of energy.

A balanced diet can help in this department as well. With the correct amounts of fruits and vegetables, you can enjoy lower levels of inflammation and increased energy levels. Foods to help in this area can include berries, pineapple, dates, avocados, cherries as well as whole grains and nuts.

Making small efforts consistently can add up and make a tremendous difference in the way body feels. This applies not only with making effort to eat properly, but things such as maintaining proper posture and listening to your body. Sitting up straight can help proper blood flow and understanding the messages your body is giving you can actually prevent problems before they even appear.

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