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Storytelling with Seniors and Caregivers

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Every Senior has a story to tell. Having lived for as long as they have, they have surely lived a long and trying life, filled with both joyous and devastating experiences. Their stories are, without a doubt, interesting and entertaining to listen to, but oftentimes, people forget that. Nowadays, seniors and the elderly are forgotten and put behind the spotlight, especially when it comes to broadcast media. It’s important to remember that seniors used to live their own lives just as we have, filled with adventure, wonder and drama. This photo below demonstrates just that.

a nurse and an old woman in a wheelchair.

The caregivers from A-1 Home Care understand this very concept and for this reason, our caregiver service agency has remained since 1991 the most trusted elderly service agency in los Angeles and Orange County. Trained with 2 years of previous experience, our 24 Hour caregivers are not only compassionate and patient with seniors, but they are able to administer professional Senior Care, Incontinence Care and more.

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