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What is Gout?

Gout is a form of arthritis that inflames the joints when uric acid builds up in your bloodstream. Seniors with gout experience gout flare-ups that may be triggered by alcohol, medication, certain foods, and stress. When an elderly person has a gout flare-up, he or she may feel a burning, tingling feeling in a joint where there’s uric acid build-up, and it is possible to experience the inflammation in more than one joint. There are two different types of gout; acute gout focuses on one joint whereas chronic gout involves long-term repeated episodes of inflammation. A-1 Home Care in Cerritos offers arthritis care for seniors when they experience gout attacks.

Home Care When You Need It

Having a certified home health aide by your side provides relief and a peace of mind. When no able-bodied family member is around to help, a senior may feel very vulnerable, feeling unsure when the next gout attack will come. Depending on the severity of the inflammation, an elderly person may not be able to open a bottle of medication prescribed for this specific condition. Joint inflammation and pain put a damper on seniors’ motivation to do anything else around the house, like cook, clean, or exercise. With a caregiver by your side, you can still maintain a clean house and eat a healthy home-cooked meal without lifting a finger. A-1 Home Care’s companions will cook, clean, and take you to doctor appointments in Cerritos or nearby cities to run errands. Even though gout may limit you from doing things for yourself, a caregiver can be your eyes, arms and legs to assist you in activities of daily living.

Not Just for Seniors

Even though the elderly care recipient may be the only one experiencing gout flare-ups, home care assistance is valuable to all members of the family, especially the working members who need to take care of household matters. Having an extra set of hands and feet to help you when you are exhausted after a long day at work is quite a treat; you can ask your caregiver to go to the grocery store for you and do other things so you can rest at home. A-1 Home Care in Cerritos provides live-in and live-out arthritis care seven days a week.

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