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Best Exercise To Improve Balance for Seniors

We have been falling all our lives ever since we were infants, but by the time we reach our elderly years, our bones are not as strong. If the individual is suffering from osteoporosis, then bone fracture risk is much higher as a result.  Therefore, doing balancing exercise helps limit your chances of falling, increase muscle and bone strength, and ultimately lower your chances of having a bone fracture in your elderly years.

Balancing Exercise Include:

  • Tightrope Walk – This is not the real tightrope walk, but simulating the walk of the straight line like the tightrope walkers on the floor.  Take It slow, ask for assistance if needed, but try to focus on the balance while walking on a single straight line.
  • Single Leg Stance – Lift a leg a few inches from the floor while standing up straight.  Try to hold it for as long as possible, then switch it to the other leg and repeat the exercise. Use a chair to help prevent falls during the exercise.
  • Heel-Toe Walk – Similar to the tightrope walk, try to touch the toe of one foot with the heel of the other as you walk, essentially walking in a straight line.

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