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Caregiver Service After Surgery

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Caregiver Service After Surgery


Millions in this country have suffered back pain, and some more chronic of a problem than others.  It is a difficult problem to deal with, and the pain can interfere with activities from sleeping to ability to work your job.

If you are one of these individuals, then back surgery might be a good option for you.  According to WebMD, people with the following back problems may need surgery.  Having herniated discs can be very painful, as the “jelly-like center” of the disc leaks out because the outer coating of the disc is damaged and irritates the nerves.  Another condition that may require back surgery is spinal stenosis.  It causes pain and/or numbness in the legs due to the narrowing of the spinal cord canal, which could cause by osteoarthritis.  Other conditions that back surgery might be required are spondylolisthesis, Vertebral fractures, and discogenic low back pain. Don’t forget to seek a second opinion about getting any surgery if you or your loved ones are unsure about it.

A-1 Home Care Agency has experienced and reliable caregivers like Ashley Contreras and Jose Soriano who possesses skills in After Surgery Care, Post Stroke Care, and other needs such as Parkinson Care, Arthritis Care, Hospice CareAlzheimer Care, and other Elderly Care services.  We serve all corners of Los Angeles and Orange County. These communities have all been enjoying the quality service from A-1 Home Care Agency for over 20 years.

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