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When Cultural Expectations and Elder Care Collide

In the United States, the majority of Asians who have come from their motherland also brought strong traditions of filial piety, which can place undue strain on adult children, especially Asian women, to care for their elderly. Culturally, adult children are expected to take care of their elderly to honor their parents. Elder care within the family is an obligation, not an option; as Asian immigrants adjust to cultural changes in the United States, the tradition of filial piety wanes as husbands and wives work full-time to provide for their families, leaving their elderly loved ones at home and leaving room for dangerous accidents to occur. Many Asian families do not have the same luxury as other American families do when it comes to hiring in-home care. Finding a caregiver who speaks Spanish is much easier, for example, than finding a caregiver who speaks Vietnamese. Fortunately, culturally sensitive 24-hour home care agencies like A-1 Home Care offer excellent caregiving services for Asian-dominated cities like Cerritos.

A-1 Home Care understands the importance of culture and language. With a diverse pool of caregivers from the Philippines, China, the Middle East, Korea, and Vietnam, you can count on finding a live-in certified nurse aide who will understand your elderly loved ones as they share similar cultural views, language and ethnic taste in food. A-1 Home Care does its best to address the most prominent issue facing most Asian elders today: limited English proficiency. Understanding that it’s an unspeakable act for Asians to send their loved ones to a nursing home or facility, A-1 Home Care in Cerritos provides culturally competent elder care services in Alzheimer’s Care, Cancer Care, Stroke Care, and other types of specialized care to reach families who would otherwise be left by the wayside.

Licensed, bonded and insured, A-1 Home Care in Cerritos was established in 1991 and proudly continues the tradition of fierce dedication to customer satisfaction. All caregiver candidates who pass through our doors are required to have a minimum of two years of professional paid experience; all references are verified, and they must pass an extensive criminal background check. The care management team carefully selects caregivers who could best serve your loved ones’ needs emotionally, physically and culturally. Interested clients also have the opportunity to meet potential round-the-clock caregivers before they hire them; A-1 Home Care always gives clients several options to choose from.

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