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At-Home Hospice Care

Many of those who are using hospice care for their loved one wishes they would have started the service earlier, and many of them realized that they did not receive the full benefits of hospice because of such.  Part of the reason is that the perception of hospice is one of “giving up”.  Since death is such a difficult object to talk about, many simply choose to avoid that conversation.  The best way to break through that perception is to understand how hospice can benefit you and your loved ones.  The main focus of caregivers in hospice care is to ensure the patient has the comfort that they deserve according to this National Comprehensive Cancer Network article.  When treatments are not working, hospice caregivers want to help the patients to live their lives to their fullest.  If qualified, the cost of such care is covered by Medicare and Medicaid, and most private insurance in most states. Therefore, we encourage you to speak with your loved ones about the option of hospice care if they have a terminal illness.

A-1 Home Care offers compassionate and certified caregivers for hospice care. We are an A+ reviewed business from the Better Business Bureau, and we are here to provide the service you are looking for.  In addition to hospice care, we also provide services in post-stroke care, Parkinson’s care, Alzheimer’s care, special needs care, and other live-in or live-out care for seniors.  As an industry leader, A-1 home care has also served communities in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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