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3 Exercise Safety Tips For Seniors

As we age, the composition of our bodies change. But did you know that consistent exercise helps keep those changes positive and to a minimum altogether?

At A-1 Home Care in Cerritos, our expert in-home care givers want to provide you with three important safety tips you should invest in whenever you get ready to exercise. Check them out below:

Stretch It Out. At any age, you’ll always get your best workout after a nice, good stretch. Doing so releases any pent-up stress within your body and also helps improve blood flow to your muscles during a following workout, which further decreases your risk for injury. This is especially true among seniors, who should always be looking for another reason to stretch– particularly during exercise!

Drink Plenty Of Water.
Staying hydrated before and during your exercise means you won’t be hurting so badly after it. In fact, if you want your best chances against having a lingering injury following a particularly-tough exercise routine, make sure to stay completely hydrated– especially during these warmer summer months!

Know Your Limits. Part of getting older is understanding that as our bodies change, so do our abilities to accomplish certain tasks. The same is true in the weight room, and it’s important for all seniors to understand that the easiest way to get injured during a workout is pushing too far– a relatively common occurrence among seniors who aren’t ready to give up their previous limits in favor of their current ones. Know your limits when exercising, and abide by them– lest you end up hurting yourself instead!

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