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Understanding Stroke Risks

At a higher risk that other segment of the population, strokes are a concern among elderly individuals, especially those who are not the fittest among their peers.

Cancer and heart attacks may receive more of mainstream coverage in the media, but stroke is still one of the leading causes of death in this country. As a result, if we are able to understand the risk factors that are associated with strokes, we can help decrease the number of strokes that affect many seniors.

Risk Factor No. 1 – High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the main cause of stroke, yet this is also one of the more controllable risk factor. Also known as hypertension, it affect millions of people around the country.  However, since often times there is not sign of illness, people often ignore or fail to recognize their high blood pressure.

Do you or your loved one have high blood pressure? That’s why it is important to visit your doctor regular even if you feel health. Just like a vehicle, maintaining your physical body in tip top shape is important. Also, if you need to know your car’s oil level, then you should know your own blood pressure numbers. In general, any number higher than 130/80 is considered to be high blood pressure.

There are a few ways to keep your blood pressure normal, and it includes a healthy diet, exercise, and even medication. If your doctor thinks you need to lose weight, then a low fat and low sodium diet is essential to lowering your blood pressure. Adding an exercise routine is also crucial in lowering your blood pressure. While exercise and diet always sound cliché, they truly are the building blocks of a healthier life.

Risk Factor No. 2 – Diabetes

Although it is a treatable disease, the mere presence of diabetes presents an increased risk for strokes. According to American Heart Association,   Reason being those with Diabetes often have high blood pressure (see risk factor no. 1 above), often has unhealthy cholesterol levels, and tend to be less active physically. As a result, the combination of these various negative health conditions equates to an increased risk for a stroke.

Risk Factor No. 3 – High Blood Cholesterol

Although it is produced naturally by the human body, cholesterol is a fatty substance that can block the blood flow if it is too high. When that happens, the risk of blood flow being blocked from the brain is also increased, which raise the risk for strokes.

One easy way to control cholesterol is through a healthy diet. Food such as oatmeal, beans, whole grain products, almonds, apples are all beneficial to lowering LDL cholesterol.  In addition, some of these food such as beans, whole grain, and nuts also contain HDL cholesterol, which is considered a “good” cholesterol that should be incorporated as part of the diet as well.

Risk Factor No. 4 – Lack of Physical Activity

Being inactive increases risk for many illnesses. Just the simple fact of being inactive lowers your immune system, not to mention the increased risk of higher aforementioned stroke risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.  The culmination of all the risks carried with someone who is inactive should be enough to get someone moving. Obviously, seniors can be limited by aging and their decreased physical abilities. However, that does not mean they cannot get a good exercise to keep them away from the risk factors that lead to strokes.

Find Post Stroke Care Today

A stroke can change a person’s life, and when a senior suffers a stroke, it can be difficult to function normally in their daily lives. Recovery is difficult, but many prefers to have the seniors to recover at the comfort of their own home rather than at care facilities. With post stroke care by experienced stroke caregiver provided by A-1 Home Care, seniors can safely rest in their home while being attended by diverse selection of caregivers.

At A-1 Home Care, we strive to provide affordable home care in the communities of Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, and Orange County. For over 25 years, our senior care service are second to none when it comes to in-home care solutions.

Affordable home care is easy to find with A-1 Home Care. We tailor our in home caregivers specifically for the senior’s need. If you live in Newport Beach, Rolling Hills, Gardena, Marina Del Rey, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Burbank, or nearby neighborhoods, call us at (562) 929-8400  we will find you the right caregiver for your loved ones!


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