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Understanding Parkinson’s

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What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s is a brain condition that results in steady loss of muscle control. Symptoms may begin light in the early stages and are sometimes un-detected. Telltale signs of the disease can be bouts of stiffness, delayed movement, tremors and impaired balance. Men are more likely to develop the disease than women and a history of the condition can increase the risk. Parkinson’s is not known to affect average life expectancy in those with the diagnosis and treatment can be very effective.

What to look for in early stages:

Shakes in finger, leg, hand or lip
Stiffness or difficulty walking
Poor posture
“Frozen” facial expressions

This symptom is prevalent in almost ¾ of all Parkinson’s patients. They can begin in the hand and continue in a rhythmic pattern.

How do we detect Parkinson’s?

In many cases, a brain scan will be used to determine a diagnosis. Other tests may include tapping your fingers or feet to measure slowed movement, observing hand tremors, checking for stiffness in limbs or neck and balance measurement. Parkinson’s is caused by the death of dopamine creating cells resulting in the inhibiting of nerve cell communication. The disease is progressive so changes will be ongoing in the brain chemistry.

A-1 Provides Parkinson’s Care

We understand that dealing with Parkinson’s Disease can at times be overwhelming, that is why we are able to provide Home Care Professionals to assist with grooming, personal hygiene, meal preparation and so much more. Don’t go it alone. A-1 Home Care is the home care service provider of choice for all of Los Angeles AND Orange County. No matter what your needs may be, we offer affordable, diverse, compassionate, quality in home care to suit any schedule or situation. Contact us today to learn more at: 562-929-8400, 949-650-3800 and 877-929-8499.

We will be glad to be of any assistance.

A-1 Home Care also serves nearby communities around LA county, San Gabriel Valley and OC.


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