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Senior Online Dating Alert

In view of the rising prevalence of elder abuse, A-1 Home Care addresses one of the top methods that predators use to get to the heart of the elderly: senior dating websites.  Online dating forums are a popular way for scammers to take advantage of the elderly because seniors are already opening themselves up emotionally for all kinds of possibilities.  Loneliness combined with possible lapse of judgment caused by Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia makes seniors all the more susceptible to con artists.

Protect your elderly loved one from financial and emotional predators by having them follow these guidelines:

Don’t get emotionally involved right away.

Scammers are experts at warming up to seniors who are in a desperate position to find love.  It’s easy to be vulnerable when a spouse passes away or when children and grandchildren live nowhere nearby.  Boredom, social isolation and loneliness drive seniors to online dating sites to pass the time.  Lack of transportation also gives the elderly more reasons to go online to meet people.  Give yourself time to get to know the person before you give your heart.

Do not reveal personal information.

If a person starts asking about your life insurance, disability checks and other funds without really establishing any type of relationship, beware.  Even close friends should not be asking you about your financial situation.  An individual who always complains about being broke or portrays herself as a “victim” who lost all her money or possessions is a big red flag.

Meet in well-lit areas.

Meet in public places where the crowds like to shop and eat.  Make it a double date or bring a friend and claim him as your “chauffeur.”  You can also have your driver bring a friend and sit at a separate table without your date’s knowledge, so you can have some privacy but still have some kind of safety and accountability.  If you insist on going alone, notify your friends and check in at certain points in time so they know you’re okay.

Trust comes at a price.  People should earn your trust before you give it away.  If you have an elderly parent or grandparent who lives alone and does not have any friends nearby, consider hiring a companion who can be your eyes and ears from a distance.  Does your elderly loved one show unusual signs of short-term memory and lapses of judgment lately?  This is all the more reason to get a pre-screened caregiver from a licensed, bonded and insured home care agency to protect your loved one from sharks.

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