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How to Prevent and Cope with Stress and Anxiety

No one likes to be stressed out.  Our body naturally does not function as well when we are stressed.  Psychologically, stress can be an ongoing problem for many.  Therefore, we want to present to you a few tips on how to cope with stress and anxiety from the American Psychological Association.  First, be involved within your community and stay social.  It can help boost an individual’s confidence and self-esteem by participating in events with others.  Many of the elderly are lacking in social interaction with others which leads to unnecessary stress.  Another great way to prevent stress is through positive thinking.  Being negative only puts more stress on your body.  Why not view a glass as half full instead of half empty?  It may take practice to fend away negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, but it can be done.  Lastly, there are many relaxation methods, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, a massage, visualization, and other ways to help keep a person calm.  The goal is to slow down breathing and keep the heart rate low.

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