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Endocrine Therapy for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

A more advanced form of the disease, when prostate cancer becomes metastatic, it means that cancer has spread outside the prostate gland and to other areas like the lymph nodes, bones, or other areas of the body. When such spread has happened, there are a few treatment options available to try to slow down and contain the cancer according to this WebMD article, and one of those treatments is endocrine therapy.  For prostate cancer, male hormones fuel the growth of the cancer.  If the amount of testosterone is reduced, then the growth is slowed down.  This type of therapy often lowers the PSA levels in men, as well as the probable reduction in tumor size. However, like all treatments, side effects do exist.  For hormone therapy, bones could be weakened and lead to osteoporosis, impotence, and even heart problems. Though it will not cure the cancer, it gives the patient more time to prepare for other treatments down the road.

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