Caregivers Help Seniors Get Moving

Caregivers Help Seniors Get Moving


With ailments like arthritis, cataracts, hearing problems, or even early stages of dementia, getting out of the house can seem very difficult for seniors at times.  However, being outdoors and soaking up a bit of the sun can be great to the health of your loved ones.  Here are some tips on some outdoor activities that seniors can enjoy.  Taking a walk can release stress, and it improves the cardiovascular health of the person.  If the elderly person has the strength and ability to go on a nature hike, then that can be a great option.  If not, then a stroll in the local park, botanical garden, or even the farms market can be good alternatives.  Having a dog as a pet is useful too. Not only does it help relaxes the owner, but it also forces the senior to exercise by walking the dog.  Gardening is a great way to stay home and go outside at the same time, enjoying a breath of fresh air while watering the different vegetables can be a great daily routine for seniors.  Lastly, even if mobility is an issue, traveling and other adventures can still be an option if planning is adequate.


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On July 27, 2023 · 10pm


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