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Arthritis Cause and Symptoms

los angeles arthritis cause

Arthritis is a common condition among older population, especially those older than 65. Since there are many types of arthritis, the cause varies. Arthritis can occur due to old age, injury, inflammation, infection, or an autoimmune disease. Medline Plus has a descriptive explanation of different potential causes of “Arthritis“. Early symptoms of arthritis are hard to spot as the beginning stages of damage in cartilages does not cause any pain. Symptoms are usually noticed when damages are further advanced. Symptoms can include swelling of the joints, pain, stiffness, or inflammation around the joints. It is common to feel sore or pain of the joints after a long day of activities or exercises. However, arthritis symptoms are persistent and usually occurs right after waking up.

Los Angeles In Home Care is a non-medical home care agency that provides in home care services including arthritis care. Caregivers provide arthritis care services including assistance during therapeutic exercises, light housekeeping, and meal preparation. Los Angeles In Home Care also offers arthritis care and caregiver services in GlendaleHollywoodSanta Monica, and other cities in Los Angeles County area.

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