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The Rehab Process for Addiction

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Addictions come in all forms.  People old or young, big or small, rich or poor, drug and alcohol abusers can be found in many places.  Consequently, it is important to note that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to treatment according to  Depending on the case, abusers would be admitted to either inpatient or outpatient treatment programs.  Prior to entering any rehab, most are required to do a detox program first.  It is designed to remove all signs of drugs in the body in some cases, while at other times medications are used to counteract withdrawal symptoms. Once completed, the rehab begins.  This is where an individual would address the root of the problem behind the addictions and how to move forward in life without the need for drugs or alcohol, which can involve behavioral therapy, group therapy, and even family therapy.  After the rehab, the individual must work on recovery for life.  Whether it is speaking to counselors, participating in group therapy sessions, or finding support from friends and family.

For those in outpatient treatment programs and looking for help at home, A-1 Home Care has quality home helpers, home health aides, certified nurse aides, and professional caregivers to free up some time at home.  Whether it is personal services, short-term care, companion services, personal services, respite care, or 24-hour live-in care, among others.  We place caregivers with customized care for the clients and remain affordable compared to other options.  Our company has operated in the Orange County and Los Angeles area for over two decades, and we guarantee compatibility between our caregivers and your loved ones.

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