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Tackling Kidney Disease

Our kidneys have a very important job by design-they filter waste and excess water in the blood to keep us running healthy. The extra fluid and waste turns into urine which is kept in the bladder until passed through urination. Did you know that early stages of Kidney Disease can often times go unnoticed? Typically, it is not until a considerable decrease in kidney function that patients understand something is wrong. In fact, the discovery of kidney disease is commonly due to an existing medical condition connected with kidney failure (this may include Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure).

What are the causes of Kidney Disease?

Acute kidney failure can happen when you have are experiencing a condition that slows down the blood flow to your kidneys or you sustain damage to the organs. This can also be brought on by urine drainage tubes becoming blocked inhibiting waste removal through urine. Blood flow to the kidneys can be slowed by

Blood or fluid loss
Blood pressure meds
Heart attack
Liver failure
Severe allergic reaction
Severe dehydration
What are treatment options for Kidney Failure?

Hemodialysis-This treatment utilizes a machine to filter the blood outside of the body. There is a tube that carries the unfiltered blood into a filter known as a Dialyzer. The blood is filtered of waste and extra fluid and returned back to the body through a different tube.
Peritoneal Dialysis-This form of dialysis treatment involves a catheter insertion into the abdomen and the administering of a dialysis solution which soaks up what the kidney would be filtering. The solution is drained after treatment and a fresh bag is used to start over with
Kidney Transplant-Which is actually more a Kidney “addition” than a transplant. Damaged kidneys typically stay where they are and the new kidney is placed on one side of the bladder. The body is conditioned to accept the new, foreign organ with medication known as immunosuppressants.
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