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Silent Heart Attacks Are Just as Deadly as Regular Heart Attacks

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According to a research report, about 50% of all heart attacks are silent, but they are just as life-altering as those with symptoms of chest pain.  Although men are twice as likely to have both kinds of heart attacks, women die from them more often than men.  You can prevent silent heart attacks in the same way that you’d prevent a typical one: keep your cholesterol levels and blood pressure down, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet.  Keep up with your annual medical check-ups or go more often if need be.  If your elderly loved one has a bad habit of smoking or drinking too much, encourage your loved ones to curb their habit.  If you want a caregiver who will motivate your loved ones to change their unhealthy ways, or if your parent just needs someone to help out around the house, A-1 Home Care offers great in-home care support for seniors all over LA County.

Do you know what signs to look for?

Since the name of this kind of heart attack insinuates that you probably won’t feel any symptoms, there are still hints that may tip you off that you or an elderly loved one is having a heart attack.  Extreme fatigue to the point of unusual lethargy may indicate a reduced flow to the heart, thereby exerting extra stress on your muscles.  You may also feel soreness in your back, neck, or chest.  Since this is not the usual pain associated with a heart attack, you might mistake it for something else.  The nerve signals may also come from the jaw, shoulder, or elbow.  If you find yourself gasping for air after climbing a flight of stairs when you usually have no problem with it, your shortness of breath may indicate a blocked blood flow to the heart.  Experiencing any of the above-mentioned scenarios should motivate you to ask for an electrocardiogram (EKG) to measure your heart activity.

Affordable 24-Hour Heart Attack Care

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