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Senior safety tips

When seniors have an injury, the consequences might be more serious because of their weakened body.  For a younger person, a fall can be brushed off.  However, for a senior, a simple trip and fall can lead to bone fractures, head trauma, and other injuries.  As a result, seniors are encouraged to be proactive about fall prevention by making different changes in life to lower their chances of falls.

There are many ways to help gain an edge in the fight against falls.  First is to fall-proof the home by eliminating any clutters, slipper surface, loose cords, etc.  Furthermore, find a way to arrange furniture so that there are more room to operate and walk around freely.

Other than improving the surroundings, it is also good idea for seniors to improve the strength and balance as well.  Exercise in general can improve balance for seniors, but some are too strenuous for them to participate.  A great exercise for seniors is Tai Chi because it emphasize on weight shifting and posture alignment to reduce your risk of falling.


A-1 Home Care in Los Angeles is the trusted home care agency for families to provide highest quality in home care services for their elderly loved ones.  Regardless of the health condition, we thoroughly search for the right caregiver to support their needs, schedules and requirements, and we offer the most customized service that helps improve their quality of lives. Dedicated senior services include Alzheimer Care, Kidney Disease Care, Arthritis Care, Diabetic Care, Incontinence Care, Heart Attack care, and more.  We have caregivers all over Los Angeles, including Westwood, Santa Monica, Burbank, Sierra Madre, Studio City, Glendale, La Canada, and surrounding communities.

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