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Elders Experience New Ways To Find Pleasure In The Home

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Is your beloved senior feeling depressed or is otherwise unable to enjoy all that life has to offer, whether because of unruly weather or a pervasive injury/disability?

At A-1 Home Care in Cerritos, we provide leading caregiver services so that seniors from all walks of life, including Middle Eastern, Asian, Jewish, and European, can feel good about their health in the home looking ahead in 2016. One of the ways the home care agency of choice in LA and OC is able to accomplish that is by helping elders experience increased enjoyment in the home no matter what the circumstance may be.

Take a look below at 5 ways that the senior care experts at A-1 Home Care can keep elders enthusiastic for daily living in the home by optimizing their senses:

Sound. Music is literally an emotional booster, as the sounds of music bypass the intellectual parts of the brain and go straight to our emotions when interpreted. Music therapy is heavily implemented in many nursing homes and hospices throughout the world because of its ability to have an uplifting effect on elders’ moods and dispositions going forward.

Our eyes allow us to see the beauty all around us– but that doesn’t mean that a TV screen is worth it! Instead, if possible, allowing a loved one to simply sit outside and enjoy the natural beauty all around can seriously help improve that senior’s outlook on life looking ahead.

Touch. Many elders are frail and/or their spouses have passed away, and they seldom get to enjoy the close human interaction they used to have. A-1 Home Care has diverse and affectionate caregivers who provide a personal touch (literally) with things like a simple hug, a friendly pat on the back, or even a rub on the shoulders for those in the home who could use it. A personal therapy pet also can suffice for that closeness many elders yearn for in the home.

Taste and Smell.
If your loved one is having a tough time cooking something exciting for himself/herself, that’s OK: because the live-in care experts at A-1 Home Care can cook delicious and nutritious meals just to sweeten life up! They provide tasty treats that have a direct correlation with pleasure (both for our nostrils and our taste buds) in the brain, helping improve your beloved elder’s disposition.

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