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Caregiver Service Post Surgery

Many people want to regain the youthful look they once had.  With the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, more and more of the older population is giving these procedures a try.  However, such surgeries are not suitable for everyone.  Here are some factors to consider.  Since it isn’t covered by most insurance, plastic surgery can be quite expensive.  In addition, if you are going into surgery expecting perfection, then you should reconsider the reasons for cosmetic surgery.  There are limitations in how much change doctors can make, and dissatisfaction is also possible once the surgery is completed.  Depending on the type of procedure, it may take only days or up to a few months to fully recover, so understand the timeline from your doctor before deciding.  Lastly, ask as many questions as possible to get answers from topics like possible complications, if the look will be permanent, cost, etc.

Because some plastic surgery takes just as long to recover as some other major medical procedures, A-1 Home Care will have after-surgery caregivers ready to provide in-home help whether it is 24-hour live-in care or hourly care.   For over 20 years, we have conducted our business throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Equipped with skills to take on different challenges, our caregivers are ready to provide help in After Surgery Care, Arthritis Care, Alzheimer’s Care, Cancer Care, Diabetic Care, Hospice Care, Respite Care, Parkinson’s Care, Incontinence Care, Post Stroke Care, and other needs in Elder Care. As a caregiver agency that boasts of many ethnic caregivers, we are proud to serve families from diverse communities. We have served the Asian community, as well as those from Jewish, Middle Eastern, Hispanic backgrounds, and more.

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