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Caregiver Servcie After Surgery

Most of us have very little understanding about what cancer surgery does and the different goals behind various circumstances. So here are a few reasons presented by the Mayo Clinic to help us understand a little more before you may be going under the knife.  If an individual is in one of the high risk groups to get a certain type of cancer, doctors may recommend surgeries to remove tissues that develop such tissue to prevent such development.  Sometimes, doctors may need to get a sample of the cancer tumor and examine it further to diagnose the exact issue.  For many localized tumors that has not spread, sometimes cancer surgery might be the best treatment available to remove the cancerous tumor.  Lastly, if it is dangerous to remove too much cancerous cells, then doctors will remove as much tumor as possible, in a process called debulking, thus making it more effective for chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

A-1 Home Care in Los Angeles offers excellent after surgery services from compassionate individuals such as Sarah FnuAudrey Morales, and others among our staff of caregivers.  Each have the expertise and skills to handle various home care scenarios, including Alzheimer Care, Parkinson Care, Incontinence Care, Hospice CareRespite Care, Bipolar Care, Special Needs Care, and other Senior Care options.  We offer flexible scheduling, and we intend to serve each and every client with the respect and quality care that they deserve.  Our services reach in all corners of Los Angeles County, from Santa Monica to Westwood to PasadenaPalos Verdes to Glendale to San Marino.  You will be sure to find a service your love one need.

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