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Is the Baker Act Appropriate for Seniors Who Act Out in Paranoia?

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In case you’re wondering, the Baker Act is known as “5150” in California, a section of the California Welfare and Institutions Code that authorizes involuntary detainment of an individual when he appears to be a physical danger to himself or others.  The person is detained for 72 hours maximum during which time the person is evaluated for his psychiatric condition.  The act of “fifty-one-fiftying” your elderly loved ones can wreak havoc on them.  All too often, seniors are traumatized and harassed after the evaluation.

A Much Less Threatening Evaluation for the Elderly

If your elderly loved one is acting out in delirium or paranoia, chances are that they are experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia that is extremely common among seniors.  Symptoms include the following:

  • Aggressive behavior and personality changes
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Memory loss
  • Inability to remember important dates, places and names
  • Swiftly changing mood swings
  • Wandering at night
  • Excessive repetition of words, questions, sentences and phrases
  • Inability to recognize familiar faces
  • Confusion
  • Delusions

A-1 Home Care in Downey will send out a care manager to conduct a free assessment so you can spare your loved one from harsh treatment in a mental institution.

Affordable 24-Hour Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

If your elderly loved one needs Alzheimer’s CareA-1 Home Care offers 24-hour dementia care all year round.  Live-in home care assistance includes cooking, cleaning, bathing, grooming, prescription pick-ups, errands, grocery shopping, patient transferring and positioning, excellent companion care, transportation to appointments in Downey and more.  As one of the few state-licensed agencies in California, A-1 Home Care has been delivering exceptional in-home care services for over two decades.  Licensed, bonded and insured, A-1 Home Care serves to promote wellness and protect your loved ones from scam artists, fraud and theft.

Find a quality Alzheimer’s caregiver today! Call A-1 Home Care (562) 929-8400, (949) 650-3800, or (626) 219-6440.

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