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.A-1 Home Care Clients Show Their Appreciation for Our Caregivers

A-1 Home Care Clients Show Their Appreciation for Our Caregivers

23TuesdaySep 2014


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One of the best things about working with A-1 Home Care is knowing that our efforts reap smiles and joy from the people we serve and help. From improving the quality of life for seniors and the disabled to allowing caregivers to do what they love, A-1 Home Care does it all and we are committed to continue this wonderful service. Just see what one of our clients has to say about one of A-1 Home Care’s caregivers:

“Hello.  I am writing this letter regarding someone who is employed with your company in La Mirada, California.  Her name is Mary Surwillo.  I live in Wisconsin and I was fortunate enough to meet her when she still lived here and she volunteered at the nursing home in Portage, WI after hurting her shoulder from truck driving and was going to rehab at the same time.  What she had done for all of us as residents here, I don’t even know where to begin.

To start with she headed the Women’s Group that we had at one time and she would tell us all about her truck driving experiences.  But the BIGGEST thing and we will always remember is around Halloween.  That is her favorite holiday and she knew that all the residents would line up in a row and hand out so much candy to all the kids dressed up for trick or treating.  But this particular year was different because Mary decided we needed more fun and more choices to dress up.  I can’t even tell you how many costumes she made for a bunch of us.  Her time and her money and supplies for a bunch of us.  I saw smiles on faces that I thought would never smile.  Yes, even I smiled, it was so much fun.  I am only 53 so most of the residents are much older than I am and the joy and smiles on their faces that I never saw was priceless.  Residents still talk about that Halloween to me still.  She just has a way with people, it is so nice and comforting.  I know first hand also, she was always there for me to talk to and to this day she still is, even though she now lives in California.

Thank you for your time but I just felt I should tell you what a special, loving and caring women you have in Mary.  She goes way above and beyond her duties or job description.  Trust me she used her own money in making those costumes for us and her own time.”

– Susan from Portage, Wisconsin

Susan’s letters is just one example of how A-1 Home Care ensures to recruit only the most professional and compassionate caregivers to work and serve seniors for our agency. For more testimonials like hers, you can check out our page at LA In Home Care Service. 

So if you are interested in a 24 Hour In Home Caregiver for you or your loved one, please call us at 310 657 8780 or 562 929 8400.