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The Unseen Dangers of an Elderly Fall

Some elderly individuals may be lucky enough never to suffer a fall, but as our loved ones age, the likelihood of them experiencing the dangers of an elderly fall increases drastically. Besides understanding how to reduce the chances of a fall, it is critical that you understand the potential backlash that may develop as a result.

For a few lucky individuals, a fall may occur with little or no consequence.  Even if no physical injury is sustained, a decreased level of confidence may occur. This can be minimized with the help of a home health provider, but many individuals will resist walking or standing, even when provided with adequate support to do so.  The stronger the aversion to trying becomes, the less likely it becomes that the individual will ever walk independently again.  The actual fear of the dangers of an elderly fall can be frightening enough to keep an able-bodied individual from an active lifestyle.

Further Complications

Elderly individuals that suffer a fall can experience severe complications as a result. Due to the weakening of bones over time, fractures and breaks are always a possibility.  These can be costly, painful, and debilitating, and may require extended in home elder care. The prolonged recovery from a break for an elderly person can also result in a lengthy hospital or require the assistance of a home care professional, and can render some individuals incapable of ever living independently again.

Other complications can form as a result of a severe fall as well.  An injury such as a broken hip can immobilize a person and lead to chronic pain, bed sores, and depression to name a few.

If your loved one suffers a fall or is living in an environment surrounded with dangers of an elderly fall, it is imperative that the unseen injuries are treated with as much care as those that are clearly visible.  It is only with the support from loved ones that an individual can recover both physically and mentally from a fall.  If you or an elderly loved one has suffered a fall and in need of in-home living assistance, please contact A-1 Home Care 8499 so that we can assist in a speedy recovery.

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