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Understanding Hospice Care

Many have the misconception hospice care is only for those diagnosed with stage four cancer. However, hospice care is an option for anyone, regardless of age, with a terminal illness of less than six months to live. Hospice care can be provided in the patient’s own home, hospital, or nursing home, depending on the patient and their condition. Hospice care involves a team of professionals including doctors, nurses, and caregivers. Other supporting roles such as spiritual support or home helpers may be needed. The goal of hospice care is to increase the quality of life and reduce any pain or discomfort. WebMD has a more detailed article on “Hospice Care“.

A-1 Home Care works with experienced caregivers who can provide hospice care. A-1 Home Care offers services in PasadenaArcadiaAltadenaSierra MadreMonrovia, and other cities of Los Angeles County.

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