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When it’s Time to Take a Mental Health Day

Our caregivers at A-1 Home Care are some of the most hardworking people, putting someone else’s needs before their own. But, like our own senior patients, sometimes our caregivers need a break too. Working around the clock, being on-call for twenty-four hours a day, can certainly take a toll on one’s body. It is why we strive for our caregivers to be in tip top shape too, both physically and mentally.

Taking a mental health day is a must in order to prevent from burning out completely, which can often lead to illnesses if one starts to experience physical side effects such as sleep deprivation or exhaustion. People who take a “step back” or a “day off” may find different activities to mentally and physically recharge. Some common ones are sleeping in and catching up on those zzz’s that one has been cutting back on; watching TV from their favorite shows to movies all day; lounging which can consist of binge watching Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu; or getting outside to work out or visit the neighborhood.

Most importantly, taking a mental health day is a great way to reduce stress and studies have shown that doing so will make one get a lot more done when they return to their work and daily routine (The Huffington Post, 2016).

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