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Postoperative Care: What You Need to Know

postoperative care

Postoperative Care, or after surgery care to some, is emotionally taxing.

Throughout the recovery process, the patient may be uncomfortable and require emotional support from family members. Here are some common questions and facts about postoperative care that might help you during these difficult times.

How Can I Be of Help?

If your father or mother just came out of a surgical procedure, it’s important that you let them know that you’re there for them – both physically and emotionally. As stubborn as he or she might be, just know that any support will be appreciated.

Don’t feel limited in what you can do. Sure, the nurses, CNAs, and physicians handle the bulk of the postoperative care, but they can’t offer what you can: a son or daughter’s love and care.

If your parent is feeling uncomfortable and requires significant attention, hiring a caregiver from A-1 Home Care Agency will allow you to immediately get help, which can have a significant impact on your parent’s recovery process.

Try and work out a system where you rotate caregivers – either family or paid. Avoid placing all the responsibility on your shoulders. It’ll eventually lead to burnout and even affect your ability to provide the emotional support that they need during this hard time.

Should I Be Taking my Parent to Postoperative Care Visits?

Yes, never let your parent attend doctor visits by him or herself. It’s important to keep them accompanied by either a caregiver or yourself if you can.

Unsurprisingly, patients will often forget what the doctor said or even what they wanted to ask the doctor. By being there in-person, you’ll be able to take notes on the doctor’s recommendations for postoperative care and medication. You’ll also be able to ask questions on your parent’s behalf and express any concerns that you might have.

Remember, the more you understand about the recovery process and the postoperative care that you’ll need to provide, the more efficient you’ll be during the recovery process.

How Do I Encourage My Parent if He or She Isn’t Following the Doctor’s Orders?

It might be frustrating, but never scream or yell at your parent.

After all, they’re in a significant amount of pain/discomfort and it can at times be unbearable. It’s important to always remain empathetic and encouraging while they’re recovering.

If the doctor recommends any dietary changes, sit down with your parent and let them know how difficult it might be, but also how far they’ve come along with the entire recovery process. You want them to recover after all, right?

By following the guidelines your doctor has set forth for your parent, you’ll help them get back on their feet much quicker than they would if they rebelled.

Also, when you do sit down and eat, look to restrict your own diet to the one that your loved one must follow.

It’s almost like rubbing it in their face when you’re chowing down on a double-decker chili burger while they’re duly munching on steamed broccoli. Don’t be that person.

Simply wait until you’re outside of the house. Then, you can go about eating whatever you want. The psychological factor tends to exacerbate the patient and even increase the amount of frustration that they’re already going through.

Will My Parent Regain His or Her Strength Again?

 Depending on the surgical procedure, it’ll take time before he or she slowly starts regaining their strength. Be sure that your parent is sleeping well and eating the proper food on a consistent basis, as both are crucial for a full recovery. Be sure that the diet consists of an immense amount of protein and an assortment of fruits and vegetables.

How Do I Find a Caregiver That Will Relieve Me When I’m At Work?

 There are a variety of options for you to choose from. For one, you have an independent, or private caregiver, that might sound appealing due to the low costs, but know that you’re forced to handle all the tax responsibilities that follow.

On the other hand, you have a home care agency, like A-1 Home Care Agency, which handles every aspect of the taxes for you, along with providing state-registered caregivers that have been screened for maximum security and comfort. With over 25 years of experience, it’s safe to say that our team at A-1 Home Care Agency can handle any caregiving need that you may have.

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