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Post Traumatic Brain Injuries

Post Traumatic Brain Injuries

Humans are creatures of emotions and social interactions and our brains control how we go about our daily lives.  Brain injuries occur during falls, physical violence, and sports, but most of them are caused by car accidents.  Since symptoms may or may not show until a few weeks after the injury, people with brain injuries could be left untreated.  From cognitive to perceptual to physical to behavioral, symptoms of traumatic brain injury can be varied depending on the severity and location of the injury.  Some examples of symptoms presented by WebMD include “difficulty processing information, spatial disorientation, seizures, change in vision, and more”.  Because those are all essential parts of how we live, we should not be taking brain injuries lightly, even if it is only a mild case.  If there is any suspicion of a brain injury after a fall, a hit to the head, or any car accidents, seek emergency help immediately.

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