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Home Care for Seniors with Renal Failure

Renal Failure

Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease are common forms of renal failure, which is a condition in which the kidneys stop filtering toxins from the bloodstream.  The presence of toxins in the bloodstream, blood loss or protein loss in urine are all indicators of renal failure.  If you start to feel nausea or if you notice blood or color changes in your urine, consult a doctor right away.  Renal failure may lead to bone damage, muscle paralysis, swelling in the face, legs, and hands, and insomnia.  Diseases, genetics, and intentional or accidental drug overdoses are factors in causing kidney disease in patients.   Families have turned to A-1 Home Care to take care of their loved ones when home care has required extensive training and expertise.


Home Care Assistance with Dialysis

Individuals with kidney failure can opt to go to a dialysis center or have hemodialysis at home, where they can dialyze more often to avoid build-up of wastes in their bloodstream.  More frequent dialysis also means shorter durations each time, which frees up the individual to do other activities that they enjoy.  Hemodialysis takes hours at a time, and the less frequent the dialysis, the longer the sitting time.  A trained certified nurse assistant can take your vitals to monitor your blood pressure, and according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it is reported that patients with renal failure experience more energy, better sleep and less nausea when they receive hemodialysis at home.

A-1 Home Care: The Number One Choice for Kidney Care

Unlike other home care agencies, A-1 Home Care offers a wide range of live-in home care services, from child care to specialized care such Kidney Care.  We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including major holidays like Thanksgiving, so that we may serve your needs.  We are a licensed, bonded and insured non-medical home care agency that teams up with doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to ensure that your loved one receives the most appropriate care he needs.  We are serious about our commitment to your recovery, so our phone lines always connect you to a live operator to respond to your concerns 365 days a year.

For a free consultation, contact A-1 Home Care today at (562) 929-8400 or (949) 650-3800.

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