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How Good Rapport Leads to Success

For the last 3 years, A-1 Home Care has had the pleasure of having Larry Bustamante as a 24 hour live in caregiver helping our clients in the greater Los Angeles area.  Larry began his career as a home care specialist in a facility for senior and elderly individuals.  He had no idea how much he would enjoy helping seniors and decided that he wanted to provide one-on-one in home care to offer more personalized care.

Larry says he learned “being a caregiver for seniors is not like any other job, it’s very different.  You must form a bond and develop a relationship with your client to be successful.  You can’t look at it like a regular 9-5 job – your client becomes family.”

A-1 Home Care has matched Larry with senior, ill and disabled clients for over 3 years and we appreciate his professionalism and his drive and compassion.  Our caregiver agency knows it’s vital that Caregivers have the right heart and enjoy helping seniors remain healthy and safe in their homes.  Larry said, “One of the best parts of being an in home caregiver is being treated like family by the client and his relatives.  You know you’ve done well when they welcome you to be a part of special occasions and invite you to enjoy the closeness they have with one another.”

Larry has fond memories of a client who recently passed away.  “Mr. K wasn’t the type to be very talkative, but now and then we’d talk about his life and all his accomplishments.  He was a famous actor and starred in a lot of movies, he even wrote his autobiography.  He had fans worldwide and was at peace with what he’d done with his life. He was very inspiring and impressed me.  I couldn’t help but think, “If he can do all this in his life, why not me?”  Just having the chance to know him, gives me motivation.”

Thank you, Larry, for all your hard work and your commitment to providing excellent live in home care to A-1 Home Care’s clients.

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