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The Gift of Life From An Organ Donor

February 14th is widely known as Valentine’s day.  But did you know it is also National Donor Day?  According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, one organ donor can save up to 8 lives, and can also enhance the lives of many others through tissue donation.  An organ donor can be either deceased or living, and can ease the list of over 100,000 people who are waiting for an organ transplant to save their lives or improve their health.

How does one become a donor?  First you must make the decision and inform you family and friends about the decision.  It is also important register as an organ donor with your state, so it can designate your status on the driver’s license. Keep in mind, don’t ever rule yourself out due to your age!  A healthy 60 year old liver can be in better condition than a 30 year old liver who has had alcohol abuse.  So don’t limit yourself from positively affecting other people’s life.  Talk with your loved ones, ask your doctor, and decide for yourself if you wish to become an organ donor today!

A-1 Home Care supports the National Organ Donor Day, and we urge all our readers to go out and become a donor by adding your name to the state registry.  We have been in business since 1991, and we are constantly involved in the communities around Los Angeles, including cities such as Burbank, Studio City,  Downey, Glendale, Hollywood, Long Beach, Huntington BeachPalos Verdes, Pasadena, ArcadiaDiamond Bar,  Santa Monica, Malibu, Torrance, and many other cities.  If you or you know someone who is interested in our home care services, we are offering exceptional caregivers in the fields of After Surgery Care, Cancer Care, Alzheimer Care, Brain Injury Care, Arthritis CareParkinson Care, Post Stroke Care, and much more senior in home care needs.

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