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Elderly Military Vets Receive Well-Deserved Care In Orange County

With Memorial Day just around the corner, isn’t it time the very men and women that this special holiday looks to honor receives proper senior care services for whatever might be ailing them? After all, many of the war veterans who fought in some of the most frightening wars our nation has ever known are still alive today, and often suffer from health conditions that are physical, mental, or both.

With A-1 Home Care, elderly patients who have served in the U.S. military and who wish to live independently in their homes despite the painful repercussions they may have suffered while protecting our proud nation can receive monetary support as long as they meet specific requirements. The Veteran’s Administration works alongside A-1 Home Care to even provide pensions and other benefits to surviving spouses of active or retired U.S. vets.

Oftentimes, these financial services are the difference between senior vets staying home or being forced into a nursing home, a complete slap in the face to them considering all the trouble they’ve been through to serve our country. After all, the cost of daily living can be too great for many older individuals– particularly those who have suffered lingering health issues from their time in service who now are forced to spend inordinate amounts of money on out-of-pocket medical expenses. That means geriatric health resources like doctor visits, medication, insurance, and in-home care services can be otherwise impossible for them to obtain without the help of A-1’s personalized care options.

All in all, A-1 Home Care allows elderly U.S. veterans who can’t otherwise afford home care services to receive just that, as the expert care providers on staff will help them apply for Veterans’ Benefits and determine the best compensation package going forward.

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On May 18, 2018 · 11pm


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