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You are seeking a caregiver but not sure where to start.  Your aging elderly loved ones have already expressed that they do not want to be placed in a nursing home, but you are at the peak of your career and cannot afford to take time off to figure things out.  You have considered a home care agency, but you hesitate because it may be too expensive, so you think that hiring a caregiver from a private advertisement may be the cheaper route.

The risks of hiring a caregiver from a private ad are too high, especially if you are entrusting your elderly loved one to a stranger’s care.  You can google “caregiver” in the news and in an instant find many horror stories about caregivers and domestic service workers who turn out to be dangerous (at worst) and annoying (at best), not to mention all the things you must worry about as a household employer, such as employment taxes, liability insurance, background checks, the whole nine yards.

Background and reference checks

Honestly, do you have the time to check the criminal background of every candidate you meet off a private advertisement?  And if a friend or relative refers their friend, does that guarantee that a person does not have questionable character?  Most likely, you will hire the first or second candidate you meet in order to satiate the immediate demands of your parents or grandparents.  When you hire a caregiver from a licensed, bonded, and insured home care agency like A-1 Home Care, we guarantee that these caregivers have been thoroughly checked and all their professional references have been verified.

Experienced and trained caregivers

Just because someone claims to be experienced does not mean they are.  Perhaps they have had experience taking care of their own family members, but have they experienced elder care on a professional level?  From Diabetes Care to Cancer Care and Hospice Care, our care providers are skilled experts in delivering exceptional specialized care for your elderly loved one.

Forget Employment Taxes

As a household employer, you’d have to worry about taking out taxes or providing other types of insurance in case your caregiver gets injured on the job.  In other words, you are pretty much on your own when you hire someone as a contractor or employee.  If you hire a caregiver through A-1 Home Care, you can always ask our professional staff members any questions you might have about our certified nurse aides, home health aides, caregivers and companions.  You are never on your own with A-1 Home Care.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

What does “licensed, bonded and insured” mean, exactly?  A licensed agency is recognized by the state as a legal business.  If a contractor comes into your home and performs poorly, like leaving a job half-undone, you can attain financial assistance to fix the situation if the agency is bonded.  If an accident occurs in your home, such as damage to the property, an insured agency will cover the expenses of the damage.

In the long run, going through an agency will spare you much distress and anxiety so you can have time to think about other more important things, like spending quality time with your folks.  A-1 Home Care provides assistance with daily living (ADLs) and specialized care, such as Lou Gehrig’s Care or Parkinson’s Care.  Our services are not limited to elder care alone; we also provide postpartum care, post-surgery care, and care for adults with physical, emotional, or mental disabilities.

Call A-1 Home Care today at (562) 929-8400 or (949) 650-3800. You may also visit us online for more information.  The areas we cover include communities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.



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