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7 Signs You May Need Respite Care

respite care

Caring for a loved one, a parent, or grandparent, can be an exhausting task. Individuals that elect to be the primary caregiver for their loved one often feel worn out and overworked after a given period of care giving. Providing respite care for the elderly is an arduous, yet necessary, task that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Primary caregivers typically neglect their own basic needs emotionally, physically, and spiritually, as they become more and more deeply involved in the aspects of their loved one’s care. Unfortunately, many caregivers work themselves into a state where they forget themselves completely and have a difficult time accepting help from anyone, believing that they can and should do it all.

Overwhelmed and Out of Time

If you find yourself in a similar caregiver situation, feeling overwhelmed and at times, helpless, you may be in need of respite care. Respite care for the elderly refers to a type of care giving service offered by A-1 Home Care Agency that provides you with a caregiver that can relieve you of your care giving duties. Whether you are in need of some much needed time to yourself, a well-deserved break, or time to take care of personal responsibilities, a respite caregiver can provide your loved one with quality care, while allowing you the relief needed to recharge yourself.

Many primary caregivers can have a difficult time accepting outside help for their loved one, and may even deny the fact that they need help. Caregivers may feel as though they have failed as a caregiver, or are doing a disservice by calling in the help of another individual. However, nothing could be further from the truth. By allowing yourself some time away from your loved one, you will find yourself better equipped emotionally and spiritually to handle the aspects of their care.

Taking time for yourself is one of the best gifts you can give to both yourself and your loved one.

If you are denying the fact that you may be in need of some respite care, there are several signs to look for to help guide you in your decision.

Here are 7 major signs that you may you need respite care:

1. Your physical health has declined. While one of your major concerns has been to provide nutritious meals and adequate rest for your loved one, you may not be doing the same for yourself. You may have noticed changes in your weight, appetite loss, insomnia, increased illness, and fatigue.

2. You have been neglecting your personal life and personal responsibilities. Being involved so intimately in the personal life of your loved one may have caused you to completely ignore your own. If your care giving duties have caused you to neglect necessary errands and appointments and the personal pursuit of hobbies you once enjoyed, respite care for the elderly is an excellent option to help you get your life back on track.

3. Your relationships with your spouse, kids, and/or friends are suffering. Even though you are devoting time and care to the good of a loved one, the other people you care for in your life can often pay a negative price. Care giving duties can overshadow family responsibilities, and often leave you too worn out to spend time with your own family. This can cause tension and contempt within your family, often forming a backlash against the good you are trying to provide respite care for the elderly or a loved one.

4. Your work performance has suffered. You feel completely unmotivated at your work place and have noticed productivity in your professional life decline. Care giving itself can feel like a job, so whether or not you are working full-time or part-time, the juggling act of both jobs can dramatically decrease your potential. You may feel too exhausted, distracted, or stressed to perform both jobs to the fullest.

5. You are stressed all the time. Every single day, you feel as though you are being pushed to your limits, as if you are running out of time, resources, and strength to complete everything you set out to accomplish. Overwhelming feelings of anxiety permeate into every action and decision you make. You may feel as though you will never be able to get a handle on the stress that has accumulated.

6. You have feelings of guilt and resentment. These two feelings are common for caregivers that have stretched themselves to their limits. You may feel guilty about the care you are providing, feeling as though you are not doing enough. While on the other hand, you harbor resentment towards your loved one, as you feel you are doing everything for them with little payoff or appreciation. These feelings can switch off back and forth, leaving you conflicted and mentally and emotionally drained.

7. You are depressed. Depression can set in early on in your care giving, or come later after many years. Regardless, depression is a sign that should not be ignored and can lead to other major problems in your personal life.

If these caregiver burnout signs sound familiar, it is time for you to take some time away, for the well-being of your loved one, as well as yourself. At A-1 Home Care Agency, we provide primary caregivers with a personal and professional caregiver to provide for their loved one while they take time away to rest and recuperate. Regardless of the length of time you request for respite care, whether a weekend, or a two-week vacation, A-1 Home Care will provide you with respite care for the elderly that you can trust.

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