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Professional Care for Alzheimer’s in Orange


A form of dementia, Alzheimer’s is a disease interferes with the daily routine of seniors primarily over 65 years of age. Without treatment, seniors would lose the ability to respond to their environment. With proper care and attentiveness, the progression of Alzheimer’s symptoms can be deterred. As a non-medical agency, A-1 Home Care works with local hospitals and clinics to provide the best in-home care for patients with Alzheimer’s.
Dementia, a common memory loss condition, is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as mood swings, depression and anxiety. Causes of dementia vary from heavy alcohol consumption and Huntington’s Disease to multiple sclerosis and Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease. To aid in preventing forms of dementia from progressing quickly, our professional in-home caregivers and home health aides see to it that your elderly loved one has a proper diet, exercise routine, healthy and improved lifestyle and great companionship. A-1 Home Care gives you senior companions who will take your elderly loved one to doctor’s appointments and make sure that their medication intake is monitored and supervised.
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Famous People Get Alzheimer’s Too

Do you recognize any of these names? Sugar Ray Robinson, President Ronald Reagan, novelist Iris Murdoch, senator Barry Goldwater – all of these famous individuals have one thing in common: They have all suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease. President Reagan was noted for falling asleep in public, his weak memory and his loss for words in his speeches.
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The onset of Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia requires the presence of a at home aide, nurse aide, senior companion, care partner, or personal attendant who understands the stages of Alzheimer’s & Dementia while the rest of the family adjusts and learns about the disease. While providing loving support and care, our senior companions for the elderly can also assist with housekeeping responsibilities such as dispensing and supervising medication in-take and making home-cooked meals.

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Even famous people are affected by Alzheimer’s, a disease that does not discriminate rich from poor, or famous from average. You might recognize some of these names: former United States President Ronald Reagan, actress Rita Hayworth, actor Charlton Heston, and author Terry Pratchett, just to name a few. There have been significant documentaries on President Ronald Reagan and wrier Iris Murdoch regarding their cognitive impairment.

Notable films to consider, if you ever want to know more about the effects of Alzheimer’s, are The Savages (2007), Aurora Borealis (2006), and A Song for Martin (2001). These movies will move you to tears and melt your heart because they resonate with every single person who has experienced or witnessed someone experience Alzheimer’s.

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Several films have spotlighted Alzheimer’s Disease in recent past. Iris (2001) is based on John Bayley’s memoir of his wife Iris Murdoch. The Notebook (2004) too is adopted from a Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name. Away from Her (2006) is also based on Alice Munro’s short story, “The Bear Came Over the Mountain”.