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Hospice Care & Having Difficult Conversations

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End-of-life conversations are hard to have with your family members, especially with your elderly loved one.  Keeping a straight face while discussing options like hospice care and determining how long palliative care will be needed is almost impossible.  End-of-life talks aren’t just for seniors; they can also be for middle-aged adults or younger people too.  The best way to preserve patients’ dignity is by directly asking them for their wishes.  What would the patient want when doctors determine the time of brain death?  What would family members want if circulatory death had not been determined?  Have you talked to your elderly loved one about staying on life support?  Would they want to stay on life support?

In addition to providing hospice care like incontinence care, daily assistance with chores, and companionship,   A-1 Home Care’s palliative caregivers are experts in giving great support to families.  Their years of experience providing hospice care to other families will bring comfort to yours.  Whether you need a reassuring presence, some spiritual guidance, or advice, A-1 Home Care is here to make every step of your journey as comforting as possible.

Call us today (562) 929-8400 or (949) 650-3800. You may also check out our website to view our full range of services.  A-1 Home Care provides 24-hour care throughout Los Angeles and Orange County communities. We offer flexible scheduling that revolves around your needs!

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