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Heart Attack Care in Pasadena


In youth up until adulthood, the average body is able to sustain itself in nearly every type of physical activity. Over time, however, that starts to change as the body experiences more stress with age. Furthermore, the body becomes more vulnerable to disease and more sensitive to the foods being consumed. What seniors must face when they’re at their age is the dangers of falling or contracting serious diseases. As a result of research that reveals such facts, seniors are now looking to take better care of their health and well-being. However, heart attacks still remain as one of the major causes of deaths in this age range.

In order to decrease the likelihood of developing heart disease or sustaining a heart attack, steps must be taken to ensure constant monitoring of physical activity and nutrients consumed. Often, family members will take on the task of caregiver in order to give their loved ones this supervision, but the task is a full time job and can be stressful on both parties. That’s why A-1 Home Care would like to offer families a chance to ease their worries by allowing our 24 Hour In Home Caregivers to do the job for them. Not only are they experienced in providing care for the elderly, they are fully trained to handle any case, including Heart Attack care and care for the terminally ill. With 2 years or more of previous caregiving experience, our home health aides can help with monitoring nutrition intake and physical therapy, along with other in home tasks.

Since 1991, A-1 Home Care has provided senior care and other care services for Pasadena and for other cities in Los Angeles, including Altadena, Alhambra, Burbank, San Gabriel, and South Pasadena.

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