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A-1 Home Care is here to help. Our personal Home-Based Caregivers deliver individualized Arthritis Care that can not only help our senior or elderly clients cope with their arthritis pain, but actively engage them in therapeutic exercises that may improve their condition.

There are over 46 million Americans today experiencing the hardships that come from Arthritis pains every day. These aches prevent active individuals from taking part in their beloved daily activities to their fullest capacities.

We offer a multitude of in homecare services such as Home Based, Hourly Care, Senior Care, and Elderly Home Care. We serve the communities of Downey, Norwalk, Lakewood, La Mirada, Cerritos, Long Beach. and other cities in the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas, CA.


Home Care for Independent Seniors

While you would love to entertain your grandchildren with a game of Hide and Seek, tend to your prized garden, or live out another favorite pastime, Arthritic pain is keeping your aching joints immobilized. Our Home-Based Caregivers, give our clients the independence they seek by engaging them in specialized activities, aimed at making living with arthritis more manageable. Activities that are included in this lively approach to care include:

  • Exercise: swimming, walking, Tai Chi, along with other low-impact, moderate physical activities that are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation® to help minimize and manage arthritis symptoms
  • Socializing: connectivity and interaction with others is a helpful aspect in arthritis care, in order to take one’s mind off the pain and lift the spirit
  • Pursuit of hobbies: focusing on and engaging in pleasurable activities
  • Assistance with household cleaning and chores, errands, and activities of daily living
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation needs

A professional Home Based Caregiver at A-1 Home Care delivers nothing but the highest quality Arthritis Care to your loved one. Through the many programs of Caregiver support, individuals with arthritis can reclaim their life again and bring their condition under control.


Arthritic Care from a Certified Nurse Assistant

It is no easy task for seniors and elders to remain active while undergoing the strenuous pains from arthritis. However, inactivity can be even further deleterious to an Arthritic patient’s health, leading to conditions such as frailty. Arthritic Care from a Certified Nurse Assistant or Medical Assistant can keep your loved one from declining health through an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise.

A-1 Home Care has developed various programs geared to help seniors stay moving and mentally and emotionally engaged. The programs offer activities conducted by In Home Caregivers to help seniors engage in lifestyle choices and activities that will improve the state of their mind, body, and soul collectively

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