Transitional In-Home Care

There have been many changes in the health care industry, mainly shifting focus from care provided within a strictly medical environment, each one only concerned with the patient “in the moment” to a “Patient’s health and progress as a whole”.

Transitional Care is the coordination between different care facilities to provide a better continuum of care.  Healthcare settings include hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and at home care – with or without visiting nurses.  This new model of care recognizes your care needs change over the course of recovering from an acute or chronic condition and strive to follow a Care Plan that best suits your needs.

The main goal is to provide the best care that you need to fully recover and maintain your health instead of being readmitted to a medical center due to communication or medication errors between healthcare providers.

A-1 Home Care Agency can help with your recovery, at home, by providing assistance with all non-medical issues like grocery shopping, making sure you eat nutritious meals – not convenient fast food or TV dinners – housecleaning, laundry, getting to doctor’s appointments and everything else you require for a speedy and complete recovery.

We work with your Medical Healthcare Team and follow your Care Plan, providing what your body needs to recover: a clean and sanitary environment, medication on a set schedule, healthy meals to promote healing and lots of rest.

Dr. Josh Luke of the National Readmission Prevention Collaborative has been making great headway towards the new care model and Transitional Care.  The chart below was designed to assist Medical Professionals in determining the best way to Discharge with Dignity using a “Home First Mentality”.

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