Respite Care Support

As we age, we depend on family and friends to help with the things that become difficult for us.  Basic everyday tasks like housecleaning, washing clothes and putting them away, changing the bed linens and doing the household shopping become painful or exhausting.  So, family steps in and helps.

And is its more than just aging, if you suffer an illness or injury? If you have to undergo surgery, have a hip or knee replacement?  Than accomplishing the activities of daily living becomes impossible without help and the assistance the family needs to provide increases.

Having a Family Member provide Non-Medical Care, helping an elderly or ill loved one, is something many families do.  The problem is the Family Caregiver still has all the other responsibilities and obligations of their work, spouse and children.  This added stress and demand on their time can affect their health.  It’s been proven that Family Caregivers burnout and end up damaging their own health by stretching themselves too thin.

This is where a Non-Medical Home Care Agency can help.  A-1 Home Care Agency can provide a Respite Caregiver to relieve the burden from a Family Caregiver.  This allows them to take a break, enjoy some personal time and recharge.  We can customize the schedule to fit their needs and responsibilities and provide professionally trained and experienced Caregivers to assist their loved one.

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