Hospice Care Support

So many families resist Hospice Care Services.  They feel it means giving up on their loved one.  The truth is Hospice Care provides many important resources to the patient and their family.

Being designated as a “Hospice Patient” enables various health care services, including bereavement and support services, to the entire family. These resources include assistance from Case Managers and Social Workers to help the family find and attain medical supplies, hospital beds and expert legal, spiritual, or financial advisors.  Under Hospice Care, Visiting Nurses are scheduled to administer medications and monitor the patient.

Hospice Care can be provided within any comfortable setting – including at home.

A-1 Home Care Agency understands how difficult it is to care for a terminally ill loved one.  You still have work and other family obligations and responsibilities.  We work with the Hospice Care Team to provide your family the additional, one-on-one Non-Medical Care you need during this traumatic time.  Our Caregivers can provide the companionship your loved one needs, staying by their bedside 24 hours a day.  We can assist with housecleaning, family meals, laundry, toiletry / personal hygiene, on an hourly or 24 hour live in basis.

Many clients who’ve used our home care services for a beloved family member appreciate the care and concern – the emotional and physical support – our caregivers provide to the entire family.

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