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You may require Home Health Care after a hospital stay, severe illness or injury.  Home Health Care Team consists of your Doctor, a Case Manager, Social Worker and Visiting Nurses providing medical care at your home to assist in your recovery.  Home Health Care includes care for complex wounds, after surgery, pneumonia / breathing treatments, infusions, administration of medications and physical therapy.

Home Health Care Services must be requested by your doctor and is a valuable resource to help you make a full recovery.  The Care Team works to implement the Care Plan your doctor devised for your overall health and progress towards recovery.  There are restrictions on how many visits a nurse or therapist can make and what duties they may perform.  Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists cannot help with house cleaning, laundry, errands or meals.

For elderly or diabetics, any health condition or surgery takes on extra risks and concerns.  We simply don’t heal or recover as easily when we’re older or have an underlying medical condition.

This is why utilizing a Non-Medical Home Care Agency to augment the care you receive is so beneficial to your health and recovery.  A-1 Home Care Agency works with the Home Health Care staff, providing the care and services you need that a nurse just can’t do.  And while a visiting nurse may only come once a week, our Caregivers can be scheduled as many days per week that you need.

Our Caregivers, Certified Nurse Aides, Home Health Aides and Personal Care Assistants work as a team to help you achieve your Care Plan Goals.  We are the eyes and ears that tract your progress and help you address daily issues and concerns.  Our purpose is to help you regain your health and independence.

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