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Success Stories

Mary Surwillo & Catherine J.

A-1 Home Care Success Stories June 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories June 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories June 2015
June 11, 2015

Over 4 years ago, we began providing care for an elderly client who was in need of post-stroke in home care. The stroke had affected her mobility and speech. Her daughter contacted our agency in search of someone who would be able assist with getting the client (Mrs. J) back on her feet and help with the speech impediment that came as a result of the stroke.

Our staff at A-1 Home Care selected Mary Surwillo specifically as Mrs. J’s caregiver. Mary was known to be very articulate, an avid reader, and had excellent communication skills. On top of those key qualities, she was a Certified Nursing Assistant and was trained on how to engage in physical activities that would help the client with her recovery. The client’s improvement was quite noticeable. In addition, they enjoy doing activities such as going out to museums and doing Sudoku. As Mary observed, “Mrs. J used to be shy or couldn’t spell her name. Now, she has improved, and she is talkative. Also, she can read better.”

Mrs. J and her daughter have said wonderful words about Mary and even took the time to send a thank you note to our office for the service they had been provided. Mary continues to assist Mrs. J with her home care necessities as well as other seniors who appreciates her care and service. .

A-1 Home Care appreciates and is thankful for having an elderly caregiver with Mary’s commitment, caring and hard work.