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Success Stories

Edwin Fulgado & Stanley T.

A-1 Home Care Success Stories April 2015
May 28, 2015

Shortly after joining A-1 Home Care in 2003, Edwin Fulgado began caring for Mr. Stanley T in Manhattan Beach. Edwin grew up in a family that was committed to providing care to others, especially seniors and elderly needing in home care services. Mr. T was in a wheelchair and needed personal care and constant companionship. It was Mr. T that helped Edwin adjust to American culture and understand the importance of building good credit. Edwin learned that a senior handicapped patient can be very difficult and demanding and the ability to remain very patient and calm is very important to being a successful 24 hour in home caregiver. Edwin was a successful senior in homecare provider because he was willing to be accommodating and to keep trying until he learned what his elderly patient needed to be happy.

Edwin believes that to be an effective in home caregiver, you must find what makes the senior or elderly client happy and earn their trust. Once Edwin knew that Mr. T. enjoyed eating at first class restaurants in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and other cities in the South Bay area, they formed a close bond based on Mr. T’s love of good food and time spent in casinos having fun. Edwin fondly remembers having many good conversations with this very smart, well-educated and caring person.

A-1 Home Care Agency is proud to have someone with Edwin’s devotion and expertise helping our senior and elderly clients.