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Jing Deocariza & Don H.

A-1 Home Care Success Stories June 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories June 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories June 2015
July 13, 2015

Jing Deocariza is a very special in home caregiver working for a client of A-1 Home Care, Mr. Don H, in Huntington Beach. Jing has been Mr. H’s senior home caregiver for 4 years and feels a special connection. Jing says “Don is like my dad, I love him and believe he loves me. As a caregiver, it’s all about empathy and the mutual feelings between a client and caregiver.”

Jing was a professional accountant but became an in home caregiver for elderly and seniors after his company closed due to 9/11. His family has always been involved in the health care field and Jing has been caring for his own father for over 12 years. His dad is currently 92 years old and Jing enjoys the close relationship they have. He uses what he’s learned while caring for his dad to help him understand and bond with other senior and elderly clients.

Mr. H and Jing stay active, going out to lunch at The River’s End in Seal Beach or by visiting Huntington Beach and other nearby places in Orange County. They also enjoy going to the local dog park with Mr. H’s 17 year old terrier mix. Jing says, “I have 2 elderly clients – Mr. H and his dog. They’re both up there in age and need my help, care and patience.” Jing also enjoys Mr. H’s attitude and sense of humor. He says Mr. H calls Chris, his other caregiver, “The Kid”, while Jing is referred to as “The Other Guy”.

A-1 Home Care wishes to thank Jing for his loyalty to our caregiver agency, we are grateful to have him as an Orange County caregiver for seniors.