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Andrew Hanfly & Mendez & Atkins

A-1 Home Care Success Stories August 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories August 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories August 2015
September 14, 2015

Andrew Hanfly began his official career as a Caregiver in 2005 but helped take care of his uncle while attending high school. Andrew says, “I like to challenge myself and being a Caregiver helped me conquer my lack of patience. I enjoy getting to know my clients and learning from them.” He attended medical school to learn about physiotherapy to help senior or injured clients regain their strength and improve their mobility. Andrew joined A-1 Home Care in 2011 and has thrived as a 24 hour live in Caregiver for seniors and elderly. He has helped several clients living in Long Beach, Anaheim, San Pedro, Los Angeles, Seal Beach, Bel Air and San Gabriel, California.

“One on One care is so much better than working in a facility, I can develop a better relationship with my clients. I learn so much about life while being an in home caregiver for seniors”, Andrew says. “My client, Mr. D in Long Beach, had a major impact on me. I’m so impressed with his strength and determination. He’s literally fighting for his life every day but he never complains and is always happy and smiling.” Andrew enjoys being treated like a family member by the client. His current client, Mr. M in Bel Air, is very independent and alert. Andrew assists more with household chores than by providing a lot of personal care. Andrew says, “Mr. M is very strong willed and doesn’t like being wrong. He makes a very sour face whenever he needs to apologize to anyone, I can’t help but laugh when I see it.”

Andrew enjoy helping clients with physical therapy, conversations and going with them to the beach, movies in the park. He said, “One Halloween, I dressed as Jack Skeleton and helped Mr. D dress as a pirate then we went trick or treating up and down his block. When we got back to his home we went through our candy like a couple of kids. I traded him all my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for his Kit Kats – we both had so much fun together.”

A-1 Home Care is grateful to have such a warm, caring and skilled person as Andrew to provide in home care to our senior and elderly clients in Los Angeles County and Orange County.