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Will Burnett & Sharyl M.

A-1 Home Care Success Stories October 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories October 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories October 2015
October 12, 2015

A-1 Home Care is glad to acknowledge Will Burnett’s Caregiver skills and compassion for seniors in need of in home care services. He has been a senior caregiver in Los Angeles County for 11 years and believes that helping and caring for other people is the right thing to do. He is currently helping a client in Bel Air who has health conditions.

Will became a caregiver due to conversations with a friend who was a registered nurse. He saw the joy his friend received from helping people and the sense of fulfilment they had from making a difference and decided to become a caregiver with Allpoint, a medical home health agency for seniors and elderly in the Los Angeles area. Will says he learned, “We all age and things breakdown. One day, I’ll be where my clients are now – in need of some help with daily things. I hope that by helping others, I’ll have the help that I’ll need when I’m older. You get what you give in life.”

Will is driven to help clients regain their ability to be active and independent. He works with ill or disabled seniors and has provided Hospice Care at Cedar Sinai Hospital. Will says, “A former hospice client I provided at home care for called me one day while I was off duty just to tell me how much he appreciated all the care and assistance I gave him. It really made me feel good knowing I made a difference in his life. A couple hours after we spoke, his wife called to tell me he passed away. Losing a client hurts so much, but the relationship we formed, knowing I was there for him, makes the pain bearable.”

A-1 Home Care wishes to thank Will Burnett for his years of providing in home care to our senior and elderly clients in Los Angeles County.