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Gabriel Oliva & Mr. Kruse and Mr. Mendez

A-1 Home Care Success Stories March 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories March 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories March 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories March 2015 A-1 Home Care Success Stories March 2015
March 26, 2016

Prior to Gabriel Oliva started working as a caregiver in LA County and OC County, he was working as an accountant by day and in a bank at night in San Francisco. As he has relatives that work in the medical field, one of his aunts advise him to switch careers. His aunt gave him a chance when one weekend she asked him to be a temporary reliever to a family friend. He took the offer and learned a lot on how to be a good caregiver and give adult care for his seniors and disabled clients. He was hired by A-1 Home Care in 2009, and has given remarkable 24 hours in-home service care to our clients. He says that the joys of working are to do the best in providing care, do your responsibilities, be sincere and frank, and also creating a bond and becoming a part of the family. He advises that having a great sense of humor and be like “Patch Adams” helps make his elderly clients comfortable and at ease. Being a caregiver has made him more matured, test on how far his patience is in dealing with different situations and see things much clearly.

With his expertise, amiable personality and jolly nature, he is now assisting with Mr. K and Mr. M with their daily living activities. One of the activities that he enjoys with Mr. K is to strengthen and exercise his leg as Mr. K’s is a fall-risk patient. We have received a letter from Mr. K’s wife recommending him for his exceptional service. An excerpt from the letter, “In addition to his professional skills, he has a cheerful personality which cheers Mr. K up and which we all enjoy.”

As for Mr. M, even though he had a stroke and dementia, he revels in going out with his wife and Gabriel every day and eating in different restaurants. Gabriel also recalled in bemusement an experience with another client who was over 90 years old who loved to mingle. Gabriel got him dressed up and asked Gabriel impatiently to bring him to the bar. So, Gabriel brought his wheelchair to their mini-bar at home, but he actually wanted to go to a real bar and go dancing.

Gabriel mentioned that, “As time goes on, a caregiver learns to care and be concerned for their patients.” He would like to share with other fellow caregivers these following questions; first, “Ask yourself why you are doing this?” Lastly, “Why are you going to this?” We appreciate Gabriel Oliva for his compassion, humor and professionalism as he is the epitome of the mission of A-1 Home Care.