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Success Stories

Danella Garlock & Ms. English

A-1 Home Care Success Stories May 2016
May 15, 2016

All of the Care Providers here at A-1 Home Care hear the calling to go into this line of work at different points in their lives. While some make the decision to dive into care giving later in life, for some (such as Danella Garlock) the drive to care for others starts at a young age. Having witnessed as a child less than satisfactory Handicap Care being delivered to those with special needs, she knew then that she wanted to be an advocate for all of those who require care and an example to others to treat those in need with compassion, love and respect.

A source of inspiration for what Danella does is her mother. Having cared for her for four years and being able to see her condition improve before her very eyes meant the world to her. Being able to realize firsthand the impact she can make being a Caregiver to others is a big part of what drives her to do the very best she can with all of her patients. “Seeing someone else get better, making a caring difference…seeing the sense of appreciation from those I work with makes everything worth it. Knowing I make a difference.”

Danella tells us that Elderly Care is her favorite part about being a Caregiver and is currently servicing as an Elder Companion for Ms. English in Hermosa Beach. The needs of her patient right now include cooking, cleaning, hygiene and regular everyday errands. Together the two enjoy going for strolls outdoors and catching Lakers games on television as well sharing laughs over silly stories.

Danella absolutely loves what she does and would tell others starting off in Home Care Service that “it is very compassionate, it is a loving, rewarding, beautiful thing”. It is her wonderful attitude that make her a stand out Home Care Provider and make us so grateful to have her here at A-1 Home Care.